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Why is climate change an emergency?

Land From Draught.


Climate change has become a global issue, whether we like it or not. The climate emergency is affecting the environment and everything around us. Humans, animals, and plants are facing a major threat. We all know that climate change is caused by us. But, we are also the ones who can combat this environmental problem. All we need is a more sustainable lifestyle.

Earth’s temperature has been rising every year as a result of our activities. That is why we are now facing overpollution and overpopulation. This problem has everything to do with a very interesting phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a process that is in charge of keeping our planet warm. This mechanism is, in fact, completely natural and beneficial. When the sunlight reaches Earth’s atmosphere, a certain part of that energy goes back to space. The other part gets absorbed by greenhouse gases. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane are just some of the greenhouse gases.


Our enterprises are negatively influencing the concentration of the gases

For example, burning fossil fuels further leads to air pollution, which is only increasing the greenhouse effect. This means that our negligence is responsible for the further warming of the Earth. Warmer temperatures have caused extreme weather changes. This has resulted in catastrophic floods, storms, heavy snowfalls, and longer droughts. It became difficult to grow crops. As if that wasn’t enough, we started losing the animals and plants. Together with the agricultural challenges, climate change affected human health. Asthma, lung cancer, and heart disorders are only some of the diseases caused by smog. People living in urban areas carry the highest risk. The warmer atmosphere in cities creates an environment that traps and raises the amount of smog. This is due to the ozone particles that increase when exposed to higher temperatures.


How can we slow down global warming and its effects on the environment?

One way to reverse the climate crisis is to become sustainable. For you and me, it means turning off the light and saving energy when we don’t use it. For companies, it means adopting a holistic approach. Reducing carbon footprints and preserving natural resources should be on every organization’s agenda. Ecological manufacturing is the future.


What role does Coorest play in all this?

We couldn’t help but wonder, what can we do to slow down and reverse the effects of climate change? Well, carbon compensation schemes have been a trending topic for years. But, wait, you might be wondering, what is carbon?

Carbon is a chemical element that gets released into the atmosphere. Not only is it an essential part of oil and coal, but it also exists in all plants and animals. You will find carbon in all known forms of life. Did you know there is a way to measure your carbon compensation? Many solutions can help reduce carbon emissions.

This can be achieved through, for instance, planting trees. The best thing about this approach is that we can help do it globally. It doesn’t matter where you plant your tree since we are all in this together.

With Coorest, you can reverse the effects of climate change. Our NFTrees are, in fact, replicas of the real-life tree with carbon compensation possibilities. You can compensate for your carbon footprint by purchasing and burning $CCO2.

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