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Compensate for your CO2 emissions instantly and effortlessly with Coorest CO2 compensation. Show your commitment to the environment by becoming carbon-neutral.

A superior alternative

The Problem

The current Voluntary carbon market (VCM) is hard to access both for individuals and businesses. It lacks transparency, traceability and contains many low-quality carbon compensation projects.

The Solution

Carbon compensation with Coorest is easy, fast and transparent because we utilise blockchain technology. Everyone can compensate for their CO2 footprint instantly, from anywhere in the world, leaving a immutable and ​​traceable record.

Trusted by leading brands

We can help you compensate in two ways

Compensate over time

Coorest Trees generate CO2 compensation units for 20 years. They provide a way for people and businesses to generate their own CO2 units. Over time, Coorest Tree owners can compensate for their CO2 emissions while hedging against CO2 price volatility.

Compensate now

Reduce your carbon footprint today with ease by purchasing a Carbon Offset Certificate immediately. Our secure payment system via credit card ensures a smooth experience, while the innovative tech provides an immutable record of your carbon offset.

Certified by an official United Nations auditor

The Coorest Carbon Standard is certified by Earthood - A carbon auditor accredited by the United Nations.

Earthood formally recognises the Coorest Carbon Standard as a legitimate carbon compensation method.

Hear from our community

Sarah May
Sarah May
September 22
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Coorest's ingenious solution makes our project (Elvis Legacy Council) carbon regenerative and plants a world-first Elvis forest. Preserving legacies all round. An invaluable partnership with exciting possibilities into the future, backed by a searingly smart team. Win-win-win

CMO, Run it wild
Michele Spiezia
Michele Spiezia
January 17
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As an electric racing team, we believe technological innovation is the key to addressing the world’s greatest challenges. Coorest’s implementation of blockchain technology solves a critical problem in the carbon market. Their approach, technical expertise and transparency put them well ahead of the competition. They are an unmatched solution for both businesses & individuals.

Team Principal, Ellysium Racing
Mario Silva
Mario Silva
January 18
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We leverage local community partnerships, traditional best practices, and sustainable innovations to change the narrative in Southwest Africa. We are building local community wealth through sustainable agriculture.

Country Representative for DiMarjan in Angola

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