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CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect

Picture of City in Smog.

CO2 and Greenhouse gases

The atmosphere consists of gases and elements that are held together by the planet’s gravity. The purpose of this symbiosis is to protect life and prevent ultraviolet radiation from slipping into Earth’s atmosphere.

We now know that certain atmospheric gases are known to be the leading cause of global warming: the greenhouse gases, better known as the heat-trapping gases. Their job is to retain the energy balance of the planet. Without them, Earth would be unsustainable for life as we know it. That is how it should work. The heat enters Earth as light and leaves it as infrared radiation. The latter is then absorbed as energy by gases, thus warming the Earth.

However, the atmosphere is now saturated with extensive emissions of greenhouse gases. Since these gases have a profound impact on the energy budget of our planet, we are now facing severe climate change. One of many side effects is the increased temperatures all over the world. People are also ought to accept their share of responsibility. Unecological practices in industry and agriculture, together with fossil fuel combustions, are just some of the triggers.


The greenhouse gases

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is the most dangerous greenhouse gas and the main reason for climate change.

As you probably already know, water is constantly cycling through our atmosphere. Water then evaporates from the surface in an upward current of warm, moist air. This process is known as water vapour. Since water vapour is also a greenhouse gas, this process only leads to further warming.

Nitrogen Oxide originates from nitrogen-based fertilisers that were used for growing crops.

Methane gas occurs from harmful agricultural activities and the production of fossil fuels. Although it doesn’t stay for more than five years in the air, its bad effects can last up to thousands of years.

Fluorinated gases are the most intense greenhouse gases known to destroy the ozone layer. They come from a family of man-made gases that are used for refrigeration and air conditioning.

For reference, all greenhouse gases are natural elements in the atmosphere. They can occur naturally or be human-made. The problem happens when the amount increases, blocking the heat from straying into space.

The gravity of the greenhouse effect of each gas in contributing to the climate change crisis depends on three factors. Firstly, the overall amount in the atmosphere. Secondly, the duration: how long does it remain in the atmosphere. Lastly, we should study how extreme it impacts the atmosphere.


The focus on Carbon Dioxide

Why are we only focusing on reducing the CO2 footprint? Shouldn’t we also pay close attention to other greenhouse gases? What about methane and nitrogen footprints?

The truth is that CO2 is the most dangerous greenhouse gas at the moment. 

We got so comfortable emitting carbon every day, whether we leave a lamp on during the day, or set off on a long transatlantic trip. We are the main reason for climate change and global warming. Here’s why:

  • The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today exceeds the natural quantum. We emit billions of kilograms every day without absorbing them.
  • Carbon concentrations remain in the atmosphere for a lifetime. Even if we stop emitting it today, we will still see the effects of climate change for thousands of years before everything gets back to normal.
  • Yet, surprisingly enough, humans respond to this issue by continuing to cut off trees. With the trees gone, natural processes cannot remove all the carbon, thus exacerbating the situation.


Coorest’s solution for carbon compensation

We have created an accessible way to compensate for CO2 emissions while being fully transparent. Our upcoming $CCO2 tokens will be linked to CO2 capture from real, planted trees. The tokens will exist on the Polygon blockchain, thereby making the entire process traceable and secure.

We are one of the first companies to link nature to the virtual world. We take pride in being pioneers in this field. We allow our users to compensate for their carbon footprint by leveraging technology. We seek to create a carbon-zero blockchain environment where everyone benefits. Nature, above all.

Coorest’s NFTrees are linked to real-life trees. This way, we implement the ecological aspect into the blockchain world. We also get to promote an environmental-conscious mindset.

Once you purchase a Coorest NFTree , you can rest assured there is a real tree backing it. In return, this practice will help restore biodiversity and ensure food, water and habitat for animals. It is still not too late to save Earth. Come and join us by planting one tree at a time.

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