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Coorest Carbon Standard

The first certified standard for blockchain-based CO2 compensation powered by smart contracts and satellite data.

Certified by an official United Nations auditor

The Coorest Carbon Standard is certified by Earthood - A carbon auditor accredited by the United Nations.

Earthood formally recognises the Coorest Carbon Standard as a legitimate carbon compensation method.

Carbon tokenization secured by smart contracts

Smart contracts are blockchain programs that automatically run when certain conditions are met.

Coorest CO2 tokens ($CCO2) are minted by smart contracts.

A Coorest CO2 token ($CCO2) is a digital representation of 1 kilogram of absorbed CO2.

Carbon capture verified through satellite monitoring

Floodlight uses satellite data to monitor the trees on all the carbon capture projects related to Coorest.

The information gathered by Floodlight is sent to Coorest’s smart contracts via the Chainlink network.

This procedure is done every month and verifies that the trees exist and continue to absorb carbon.

How does Floodlight’s satellite monitoring work?


Floodlight takes a “snapshot” of a carbon capture project’s trees and begins using it as a reference.

Monthly check

Each month Floodlight checks if the project’s trees are still there and in good condition. The data from this check is compared to the initial "snapshot".

Why is this check done?

This makes sure that the trees on the carbon capture project are present and continue to absorb carbon at the rate determined by Coorest’s science team.

What happens if...

If too many trees die or are removed from the carbon capture project, Coorest’s smart contracts stop generating carbon tokens for that project.

CCS Registry

The CCS Registry contains all the current projects onboarded by Coorest. In it, you can find relevant information on the Coorest Carbon Standard (CCS) and how Coorest verifies and tokenizes a project’s CO2 absorption. It also shows how to claim, transfer and burn Coorest CO2 tokens.

Aerial View of Dimarjan Plantation

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