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Reforestation: Is It Really a Solution?

Picture of Person Planting a Tree.


Many people wonder whether forests are the only solution to fend off the climate change crisis. To cut a long story short, the answer is no. Although this might be the most natural way to solve the problem, there is more we can do.

Forests are a crucial element of the natural ecosystem. It is only logical to think that we only need to plant more trees to rescue the planet from climate change. A simple and effective solution, don’t you think?


The importance of trees

Trees have shaped our planet for centuries. Due to the human invasion of forests, right now there are only about 3 trillion trees on the planet’s surface. Although impressive, this is not enough to cover the increasing rate of carbon emissions that 7 billion people give off every day. Our planet cannot bear any more deforestation. It is our collective duty to restore the forestlands and prevent further loss. Deforestation destroys biodiversity. It affects life on so many levels. It is of paramount importance for people to start acting. We cannot afford to lose time.


The consequences of deforestation

People all over the world are in greater danger of poverty and food scarcity due to aggressive climate changes. Food shortage, soil and water pollution are just the beginning. The deficiency of trees makes it harder to clear the air from chemical compounds. Once our immune system weakens, our health will be in danger. Diseases will flourish around the world, creating new variants and taking lives. What better example than COVID19, which has been correlated with air pollution.


Why reforestation is crucial for fighting climate change

We now have the technology that can help us find powerful solutions for removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But, to this day, the most effective way of fighting off climate change remains forestation.

What better way to substitute the natural forest ecosystem than planting trees? It helps the land regenerate, cleans the air, and provides vital habitats for wildlife. By planting trees, we provide food, improve soil quality, and restore biodiversity. It is also a noble way to reduce poverty and generate job opportunities for more people.

Some people wrongly assume that tree planting will leave no room for agriculture and habitation. Recent studies have confirmed that 11% of the earth’s surface is fit for one trillion trees, equivalent to the combined area of the US and China. 

Forestation helps us buy valuable time to capture carbon emissions. Instead of spending more money and effort on other inefficient solutions to reduce our footprint, we can aim right for the target.


Helping the planet recover, one tree at a time

Here at Coorest, we believe in the power of nature regenerating itself. Our aim is to support environmentally conscious individuals that want to invest in a better future. Planting native trees is our collective duty. That is why we have set a goal to live on a healthier planet by 2030.

What makes our method special is the perfect blend of environmentalism and blockchain technology. We have combined two ground-breaking ideas to come up with a more effective solution. We believe we can stave off the climate change threat. 

Coorest was created by the community, for the community. With our mutual efforts, we can help planet Earth recover. Rather than using old ways to open new doors, let’s keep it short-and-sweet.

You too can plant a tree and help us restore our forests!

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Various writers and contributors from the Coorest team.

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