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The Polygon Network – A Solid Foundation for a Sustainable Future

Polygon network

Making carbon compensation transparent, supporting reforestation and creating an alternative source of revenue for farmers are just some of the things we do at Coorest. But none of these things can exist without a solid technological foundation. Our entire business exists due to the amazing potential of blockchain technology. This is why we want to show our appreciation to Polygon, the network that supports our mission and gives us the means to create a better future.

What is Polygon?

The Polygon network is an Ethereum-based scaling solution. In other words, it is a blockchain that serves as a bridge between other blockchains that are compatible with Ethereum. This allows businesses to create their own decentralised applications (dApps) and connect them to other blockchain networks. The Polygon ecosystem is home to more than 19,000 dApps that generate over 3 million daily transactions. 

What makes Polygon so special?

Polygon has one of the fastest transaction speeds, as well as the lowest gas fees per transaction in the entire industry. It has a significantly smaller energy consumption and carbon footprint than other blockchains, especially those that use proof-of-work consensus mechanisms. Additionally, Polygon is collaborating with other sustainable projects to lessen its environmental impact and has recently become carbon-neutral. In its Green Manifesto, Polygon expresses its intent to go even further with mitigating its impact on nature. The project aims to remove more CO2 than it has ever emitted. This could mean that by the end of 2022, it may become one of the first carbon-negative blockchains. 

Why we chose Polygon

Our dApp and tokens exist on the Polygon network. Minting our NFTs on Polygon ensures that each NFTree, wildlife token, $CRST and $CCO2 token is unique, traceable and secure. It is this high level of transparency that gives our project integrity and longevity. It’s what allows us to bring something unique both to the crypto and the carbon market. 

The company has invaluable developer resources and great technical support. These two things make it a solid foundation for crypto projects and startups. It is a vast ecosystem with an equally large community. Due to these reasons, we believe that it will have a prominent role in the development and future of web3 technology. 

Finally, what we admire most about Polygon is its dedication and commitment to being sustainable. The company is a prime example of how technology and nature can not only coexist but also have a mutually beneficial effect on each other. 

We are glad to have Polygon as our partner and we look forward to building a better future together!

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