Vulcan Forged Teams Up with Coorest!

Coorest is excited to announce a new partnership with Vulcan Forged on the Polygon ecosystem. Vulcan Forged is an innovative blockchain-based game studio with a unique Metaverse, VulcanVerse. By making Coorest NFTrees available in their ecosystem, they are helping us in reaching out further. The players can now buy in-game items to create a more sustainable, and immersive gaming environment. All purchased NFTrees will be backed by real trees planted on Coorest farmlands. Vulcan Forged on the other hand is already a leading example of blockchain technology and a brilliant game studio. This is why they decided to merge gaming with sustainability.

“We are impressed by the drive and passion of the Coorest team. We welcome NFTrees into our Metaverse because we want to raise awareness and promote sustainability. We will create a Vulcan Forest with a dedicated area where members who bought the trees can see them grow.”

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain game studio on the Polygon network. Vulcan Forged is a pioneering NFT marketplace with more than 10 games and 12,000 community members. Did you know it is also in the top 5 NFT marketplaces by trading volume?


Coorest was created in 2021. It is the first company to create a decentralised carbon token exchange. We offer an easy way to support sustainable initiatives. Our NFTs are backed by real-world trees. We want to cut out the middlemen in carbon compensation and create new income streams for farmers. Our platform is built in a way that helps individuals and companies to reduce their CO2 emissions, improve livelihoods, and protect nature.

For more information about Vulcan Forged, go to their Discord or Twitter

You can also read their white paper here.

If you are ready to buy your very first NFTree, visit the Venly Market.

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The Coorest batch 2 NFTrees are available on the Venly market


  • The NFTree is backed by 10 real trees on a plot of 40m2 mixed forest
  • 1 NFTree Absorbs 250 kilos of CO2 per year
  • Planted and managed by Coorest
  • Location of planting: North Europe in Q3 2022
  • Claim, trade, and converted $CCO2 tokens: Proof of Carbon Compensation Certificate (PoCC)