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How Will The UN Help Our Planet Breathe By 2030

How is the UN helping the world?

It has been 75 years since the UN officially opened its office in San Francisco after the disastrous World War II. It seems like their job only got harder as years passed. Extreme poverty, health disparities, and education inequality gaps have only grown larger. That is why, five years ago, the organization came up with something called, the Sustainable Development Goals. The list of 17 aims that are to make this planet a better place for us all. The urgency of the matter has been impacted by the worldwide pandemic that has radically transformed the world as we know it. Covid 19 has shown has how fragile the world really is. Now more than ever, it is important to contribute to society by sharing. As a part of their SDG campaign, the UN is encouraging us to get together and end poverty.  Wasting less food, helping educate the children, as well as empowering girls and women, is on the agenda. Among 11 other goals, the UN is calling for action by explaining how to initiate reforestation and help protect the environment. Did you know that forests are home to more than 80% of all plants and animals? Together with their partners and with our help, the UN can achieve what they set in mind. Let’s see how can we help this noble cause and create more sustainable communities.


Why are the 17 SDGs important for all of us?

Even though every single goal is highly relevant on its own, the World Forestry Congress agreed that managing forests should be our priority. The reason behind this unanimous decision is the vast impact the endless greenery has on our well-being. Forests not only purify the air we breathe but also clean the water we drink. Not to mention the abundance of medical plants, and their ability to treat diseases. Forests are also sanctuaries for animals, a safe and clean environment for local communities. For this reason, we are facing a serious problem right now. We are losing fields’ worth of trees as we speak. Deforestation can negatively impact all other goals on the list. Environmental sustainability is a crucial factor when it comes to the preservation of woodland. Once we lose our health, there will be nothing left to fight for. This year might be critical, according to the WFT Secretary-General, as we are running out of time. Dr. Eunsik Park advocates for both companies and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. His goal is, in his own words, to Build a Green, Healthy, and Resilient Future with Forests.


How can we become a part of the solution, not pollution?

The Congress elaborated on future plans to protect Mother Earth in an ecological and balanced manner. They have touched upon the subject of climate change, offering a series of solutions that can enhance livelihood on the planet. So, how can they improve sustainability? They all agreed that forests have the power not only to end world hunger but also to improve every aspect of life. Congress has decided to work on reforestation and water filtering system that would create a truly beautiful world by 2050. Many reputable organizations and representatives that attended The Congress, agreed that we have to do better. The aim is to reach net-zero emission in 30 years. The UN is on a mission to create more than 30 million jobs related to renewable energy in the next five years. If we can provide better access to affordable energy to more people, reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be more efficient. By using energy that doesn’t pollute our surroundings, we help improve the Earth’s infrastructure.


You too can become a part of the movement for clean energy

The truth is, we should all make small changes. Finding ways to use renewable sources of energy is not a luxury anymore, but a harsh reality. Fixing a leaky faucet, or turning off the light you don’t need can really make a difference. You would surely enjoy better bathing in natural light, or with some sweet-scented burning candles by your side. Either way, we have reached a point of no return. Small actions, such as planting trees to reduce global emissions are now our individual responsibilities. Here at Coorest, we make a difference by planting trees to help protect our environment. Our mission is to define sustainability in a better, more practical way. Instead of relying on an old system, that is prone to mistakes, we are focusing on verifiable on-chain data to deliver the information. How do we do it? Once you buy an NFTree, we plant a real one in our orchard. You then collect $CO2 tokens that are accumulated by the real CO2 that the tree produces to grow. You chose whether you want to further sell the tokens to someone, or compensate for your CO2 emission by burning your tokens to receive a PoCC certificate (Proof of Carbon Compensation). Make sure to check out our website to find out more about everything we do. We would be thrilled to welcome you to our ever-growing community of change-makers!


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