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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2022

How Earth Day started

Today we mark 52 years since the first Earth Day. The movement took place in America as a protest against the lack of regulatory mechanisms. Since there were no rules in place, millions of Americans flooded the streets in demand of a better life. That is when the government decided to come up with a series of acts that were to protect clean air and water. We should all thank Senator Gaylord Nelson for pushing Congress to act. He was the one who organised the protests in December 1970. And that is how the US came up with a new federal agency in charge of preventing further pollution. The United States Environmental Protection Agency continues to protect the planet to this day.


How Earth Day is celebrated around the world

April is a wonderful month to celebrate Earth Day. What better time to delight in festivities than in the bloom of spring-born flowers. In the Philippines, nature lovers take active participation in marathons. Both young and old join forces in running short to long distances to mark up this very special day. Australians indulge in storytelling. If you are in the Land Down Under this time of year, you will be thrilled to find people engaging in guided nature walks.


Eastern European countries like Moldova usually commemorate Earth Day in villages. Whole communities join the cause to plant more trees and build bird boxes. On the other side of the old continent, the Swiss raise funds to help environmental initiatives. Kids contribute through games they play at school, which in turn raise awareness. There are also a myriad of fun activities in India on this day. As there are so many beautiful animals who live in the jungles, Indians focus on fighting for endangered species. Some of the critically endangered mammals in 2022 include leaf-nosed bats, flying squirrels, and Elvira, the large rock rats.


Other countries like Spain, Denmark, and Japan organise big festivities that attract families. They usually set up meeting points in the parks, where everyone can enjoy nature in the simplest form. There is food, music, and games available for everyone. The events also focus on the importance of clean-up, by promoting the reduction of waste and plastic pollution. It is a unique opportunity to voice our concerns and improve the habitats around the world.


What can you do?

Earth Day is not only a global movement that helps spread awareness. It is also a fun day out in nature with your loved ones. There are many things you can do today to celebrate nature. We came up with the seven best ways to honour Earth Day:


  • Join the Earth Day celebration in your city
  • Plant trees through the Coorest platform
  • Cycle or walk to work instead of using your car
  • Play some of your favourite games from childhood
  • Turn off the lights and enjoy the smell of fresh candles
  • Clean up the plastic in your neighbourhood 
  • Go on a long walk in the nature and turn off your phone

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