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The Coorest Dapp is a platform that offers an easy and transparent way for individuals and businesses to compensate for their CO2 footprints

Main Features

Main Features

Buy $CCO2 Tokens

The $CCO2 token is a digital representation of captured carbon. One $CCO2 is the equivalent of 1kg of removed CO2.

Buy NFTrees

Coorest’s NFTrees are NFTs linked to real-world trees. They generate $CCO2 tokens equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the trees.

Voting Power

With $CRST you can influence the decision making process on the Coorest DApp. Vote on new projects and make your voice heard.

Claim $CCO2

Claim $CCO2 tokens from your NFTrees. Each $CCO2 token represents 1kg of captured CO2.

Burn $CCO2

Burn $CCO2 tokens to compensate for your personal carbon footprint or that of your business.

$CRST Staking

Stake $CCO2 to earn additional rewards.

The Coorest DApp at a glance.

The Coorest DApp is the centre of Coorest’s ecosystem. In it, you can buy, and sell NFTrees, $CCO2 and $CRST tokens. You can claim $CCO2 from NFTrees and receive PoCC certificates when you burn them. The DApp also allows you to view transactions and onboarded projects.

Let's dive into the DApp's functionality

Connect with your Wallet

Log in to the Coorest Dapp with your own Metamask or Venly wallet. Create an account and personalise your PoCC certificates. The Dapp features a leaderboard of the top NFTree holders and CO2 compensators.

Manage your NFTrees

View your NFTree inventory and manage it easily all from the Coorest Dapp. You can also transfer entire NFTree batches between wallets.

Claim, Trade, or Burn your $CCo2 Tokens

Claim $CCO2 tokens produced by your NFTrees. The $CCO2 tokens can be bought, sold or burned to compensate for CO2 emissions, and generate PoCC certificates.

View your PoCC Certificates

View all the PoCC certificates generated on the Dapp. Proof of Carbon Compensation certificates are downloadable in PDF and can be sent to your email.

Stay tuned for more features

Dark theme and other features are in the making

Stay tuned for more features

Dark theme and other features are in the making

What makes us unique?

The Coorest NFTrees, CCO2 tokens and PoCC certificates make double counting and double claiming impossible.

We bring real trees on-chain and make carbon compensation easy and accessible.

We also based the Coorest DApp on the Polygon blockchain so you can enjoy low gas fees and fast transactions while having a minimal impact on the environment.