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Coorest & XAVE – a Fusion of Art and Sustainability

XAVE and Coorest partnership.


You find yourself in the middle of a bustling metropolis. You walk past an illuminated sign that says “Welcome to XAVE World’’. As you head down the neon-lit streets you hear a faint rhythm and then the muffled thump of bass. Finally, you reach an open space with a stage in the middle. It’s brimming with people — jumping, dancing and enjoying themselves. The dazzling display of light and sound begins to take over your senses. XAVE World is a virtual haven for everyone who loves to create, play and listen to music. An amazing place for artists, performers, and music enthusiasts. It is also only one of the many popular areas in the metaverse.

XAVE WORLD is a metaverse dedicated to music, art and entertainment.

An immersive, ever-changing virtual world that offers a completely new experience. It allows individuals to re-discover art by being a part of its creation and evolution. People come face-to-face with their favourite artists. They enjoy incredible shows and events while experiencing art to its fullest.

XAVE has its own decentralised economy based on Xave Coin, which is the official blockchain currency of the metaverse. Xave Coin will allow people to buy and sell a multitude of digital items: avatars, spaces, buildings, digital experiences and NFTs linked to art and music.

For the creators of XAVE, inventing a completely new experience isn’t enough. They want to ensure that their project won’t have a negative impact on the planet. They want to make art and entertainment sustainable!

And this is the reason they have turned to us.

Coorest’s NFTrees will be featured in the XAVE metaverse. This will happen in certain in-game areas, where forests are present. The idea is to have virtual greenery with the real-life benefits of real plants. For now, 2,000 of Coorest’s NFTrees are set aside for the project.

We applaud the XAVE team for not only being at the forefront of innovation but also taking measures to reduce their environmental impact.

Make sure to visit the XAVE website and join their Telegram community to learn more about the project.



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