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Aurus & Coorest Join Forces to Bring Sustainability to the Precious Metals Market


Coorest has partnered with Aurus, the decentralized blockchain platform offering tokenized precious metals, to bring sustainability to the precious metals market. The companies have struck a green deal that incentivizes using Aurus’ platform and tokens.

Coorest will start offering users a 20% discount on Coorest’s CO2 tokens ($CCO2) when users pay with tGOLD, tSILVER and tPLATINUM. Aurus has set the standard in precious metals tokenization, where each token is 1:1 backed by and redeemable for 1 gram of physical gold, silver and platinum. The metals are stored in a decentralized ecosystem, fully insured and audited in vaults worldwide.

This partnership encourages more users to participate in two growing markets, gaining access to inflation hedge assets while contributing to the carbon economy by compensating for their carbon emissions.

“This partnership with Aurus represents a significant step towards environmental sustainability in the precious metals market. By offering our CO2 tokens at a discounted rate, we hope to encourage more people to contribute to mitigating the negative effects of mining on the environment.” – Nick Zwaneveld, CEO at Coorest.

While Coorest will enable its community to buy tokenized precious metals on its platform with a top-up of CO2 tokens, Aurus is also looking to add the option to buy $CCO2 directly from its dApp.

“Our partnership with Coorest opens up the discussion on how blockchain technology can contribute to the framework surrounding ESG (Environmental Social Governance) in mining and the precious metal market. We look forward to exploring additional opportunities to promote environmental sustainability.” – Mark Gesterkamp, CBDO at Aurus.

The extraction of precious metals is harmful to the environment, causing destruction to landscapes, polluting clean water, and creating toxic waste. The mining of gold, silver, and platinum emits 66,881,612kg of CO2 annually, being a huge contributor to the global carbon footprint.

Aurus and Coorest are taking steps to increase sustainability in the mining and trading of precious metals. By having the option to purchase carbon compensation natively on the platform, Aurus users can contribute to mitigating the negative effects of mining on the environment and collectively make a big positive difference.

20% Discount: Buy CCO2 tokens with tGOLD and tSILVER

About Aurus

Aurus is a blockchain company that provides the software, network and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance, in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high-tech products, a huge addressable market and passive revenue streams.

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Sabrina Lima

Sabrina Lima

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