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Frequently Asked Questions

Coorest is a Polygon native project

Polygon is an Ethereum layer-2 (PoS) blockchain. This blockchain doesn’t require excessive amounts of energy. Polygon compensates all their transaction to become carbon negative

Spain has a lot of empty and fertile land making it very suitable for forestry projects. Coorest plants in the region of Caspe, Zaragoza province.

Yes you can. NFTree holders can also participate in planting events

We will replace it with a new one. Coorest always plants 10% extra trees for each batch

We created a CO2 sequestration system 100% on-chain validated by satellite data under the certified Coorest Carbon Standard.

Nothing. Coorest takes a 8% fee paid in CCO2 tokens once the landowners are successfully onboarded. This way removed the barrier to entry to carbon markets for landowners

We believe newly planted trees generated the highest quality carbon compensation.

Each tree matters, all planted trees absorb and lock CO2 for the long term. Forests are valuable assets that preserve biodiversity, ensure food and home for animals.

This batch of 5000 fig trees was planted end of June 2022.