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Tokenize your trees with Coorest

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Coorest allows projects and individuals to tokenize their plants and trees, and the CO2 these absorb, for free. For this, we have created our own Coorest Carbon Standard & Methodology, which sets the guidelines for projects to get onboard with Coorest. If a project meets all the requirements it will receive NFTrees and $CCO2 tokens in accordance with the size and characteristics of the onboarded project.

What’s in it for you?

By onboarding with Coorest, projects receive NFTree and $CCO2 tokens at no cost. Farmers can sell these tokens, which allows them to tap into new sources of income that were not available to them before. Through the onboarding process, Coorest enables projects to obtain additional income for the exact same activities they had been performing, with no added effort or cost. Additionally, this allows Coorest to effectively incentivize organizations and individuals to plant more trees and contribute to a smaller global carbon footprint.


What are the requirements?

In order for projects to be considered for onboarding, the carbon compensation activities they carry out must follow the requirements and guidelines set out in the Coorest Carbon Standard & Methodology here.

Here are some of the most relevant requirements that can be found in the Coorest Standard, and that projects must comply with in order to successfully onboard with Coorest:

Reforestation can only be carried out with vegetation that is non-invasive

Only long-term projects with 20 years or more projection will be considered for onboarding.

Proof of land ownership or long-term lease.

Reforestation can only be carried out with vegetation that is native and respectful to the area

The trees must not have been planted as a consequence of a government’s mandate, policy, or initiative.

The project must not have received carbon compensation units from other organizations

Additionality: projects must entail additional carbon compensation that would not have occurred without their activities. For more information on additionality, please visit our Carbon Standard.

The project site must not have undergone any deforestation in the five years prior to the onboarding


The Onboarding process

Fill in and submit the Onboarding Google Form

You can apply for the onboarding process by submitting the Google Form below


If you have any questions related to the onboarding process contact us below