Welcome to NovaTerra: Coorest’s Upcoming P2E Metaverse

Coorest's new play-to-earn metaverse

NovaTerra is a Metaverse MMORPG featuring a play-to-earn model.
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where humanity has turned the planet into a barren wasteland. Following the planet-wide devastation, massive drought has made water an extremely scarce and valuable resource. The player character is a survivor who is helping to rebuild society and terraform this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The gameplay revolves around farming, building and cooperation between players. Successfully farming crops and cooperating with other players will reward the player with the game’s main currency — $CCO2 tokens. Coorest’s fruit-bearing NFTrees are also featured in the game. If a player owns a certain number of NFTrees, they will be able to plant them on their farm to reap extra benefits.

Player cooperation and trading will be a prominent feature of NovaTerra. Initially, players will only have the option to buy land which can be used to grow their crops, trees or animals, but in the future, they will be able to rent out their own land or work on other players’ farms to earn $CCO2 tokens.

The game has several game mechanics — farming, crafting and building.

  • Farming focuses on either crop or tree maintenance and thus healing the harsh post-apocalyptic world surrounding the player. While crops and fruit-bearing trees will yield seeds and food items, farming forest trees will be an easy and effective way of getting lumber.
  • Livestock farming will be a separate profession from tree or crop farming. As the name suggests, it will be focused exclusively on nurturing livestock and tamed animals. If the player is successful in taking care of their animals, they will be able to produce food, craft-specific materials like leather and even be able to raise their own pets!
  • The crafting mechanic is split into professions, with each having its own set of craftable items. There will be interdependence between the different professions in Nova Terra as craftable items from certain professions will require materials from other professions.
  • The building mechanic will allow players to create different buildings with unique purposes. Building a house will allow the player to rest, cook food and customise the interior.

Just like our current world, the economy in NovaTerra will require cooperation between different areas of expertise. The player will be able to choose a profession and be able to craft items and materials specific to that trade. Constructing buildings and crafting tools will require materials from different professions. Here’s an example of how the professions might interact with each other:

A blacksmith will need wooden handles from a carpenter, while the carpenter will need lumber from a forest farmer — and the list goes on! If there are only a few blacksmiths in the game world, then tools will be significantly more expensive.

Initially, the game world will be divided into 9 zones, 4 of which will contain 1150 player-owned plots of land that will be available for sale. Players will only be able to farm and build structures on their owned land. The other 5 zones will be used for exploration, resource gathering, trading and farming special NFTs that contain loot. These NFTs will have a random chance to drop crop seeds, tree saplings, baby animals or decorations.
Two of the exploration areas will contain an oasis next to lush forests, where the players can collect water and lumber. Trading will take place only in the zone in the centre, which contains a marketplace situated around a dormant volcano.

Currently, these are all the details we can share with you, as our game developers are working tirelessly to build the game world and implement new features. We have many more updates coming for NovaTerra, as the game enters its final stages of development.
Stay tuned!

Written by

Ilia Bozhinov

Ilia Bozhinov

A digital marketer with a knack for writing and a newly found interest in crypto and sustainability.

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The Coorest batch 2 NFTrees are available on the Venly market


  • The NFTree is backed by 10 real trees on a plot of 40m2 mixed forest
  • 1 NFTree Absorbs 250 kilos of CO2 per year
  • Planted and managed by Coorest
  • Location of planting: North Europe in Q3 2022
  • Claim, trade, and converted $CCO2 tokens: Proof of Carbon Compensation Certificate (PoCC)