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Compensate your
carbon footprint

With our blockchain-based technology and decentralized platform.

Transparent, easy, safe.

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Initial dex offering​

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Our Carbon tokens are worldwide certified by Earthood

You are polluting too
but now you can do better

300 t/y

2 t/y

The solution stands in trees, and we will plant more because of you

Trees have been planted but more batches are on sale too


Partner (Rooted) batch planted
Q4 2021
Trees up for sale on Venly & Vulcan
Q1 2022
Launch of My Coorest Tree game
Q1 2022
Website redesigned
Q2 2022
Integration of the Satelite Data provided by Chainlink
Q3 2022
Coorest DApp on Mainnet
Q3 2022
Planting Batch 2
Q4 2022
Validation of Coorest Carbon Standard
Q3 2021
Trees minted as NFTs on Polygon
Q4 2021
First batch sold out & Coorest land acquired
Q1 2022
Coorest 2nd land bought
Q1 2022
Planting first batch
Q3 2022
Starting to Onboard Farmers
Q3 2022
Coorest CCO2 Token Deployed
Q4 2022
Q2 2023
Novaterra Plot Sale
Initial Dex Offering (IDO)


Frequently Asked Questions

We will plant 5500 fig trees. It will start on the 1st week of July due to better weather conditions for the fig trees. This date is definite, so book your flight!

The planting of the next batch will be in Sept./Oct. 2022.