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Coorest week at Venly Market

Venly week at Coorest


We are delighted to announce that Venly Market is hosting its own environmental week. For the occasion, the team at Venly Market has prepared an NFTree giveaway. The prize for the giveaway is 10 of our very own Batch 2 and Batch 3 NFTrees! 

The environmental week at Venly is an idea very close to our hearts. We think it’s a lovely gesture both toward us – for having a giveaway with our trees, and the environment. Because of this, we would like to share why we think Venly is one of the best projects in the crypto space. 


What’s Venly?

Venly is a technology provider that allows blockchain projects to seamlessly integrate with wallets and NFT products. Venly’s NFT tools, blockchain games, projects, and decentralized applications allow projects to tap into an entirely new revenue stream without having experience in blockchain engineering. The Venly Marketplace is a wallet, API provider and marketplace that supports multiple blockchains. It serves as an open network between individuals, ecosystems and dApps. It is also the first-ever peer-to-peer NFT marketplace on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and soon Etherium, and Hedera.


Why we chose Venly

We chose Venly because of its convenient and reliable technology. Their API allows us to easily mint NFTs and integrate their wallet into our website. This integration saves us time and money, while it also provides us with an additional channel to sell our NFTrees. Our community members are also very pleased with their purchases from the Venly Market. Many people on our Discord servers say that the process of buying an NFTree from Venly Market is “pretty straightforward”. Because of the NFTrees that we sold on Venly, we have planted more trees and had the ability to start more reforestation projects. This is why we consider them a significant part of the virtuous cycle. 


MetaRing – Updates & AMA

Venly is a pioneer in other aspects of the blockchain world, namely their unique offering tied to the metaverse. The Venly MetaRing is a unique NFT collectible that acts as a key to many unique and exclusive features. MetaRing gives access to exclusive drops, events, items and locations in an ever-expanding roster of metaverse projects. We have collaborated with Venly and created a batch of MetaRing NFTrees that can be purchased only from the Venly Marketplace. If you want to hear the latest developments in our MetaRing partnership tune into our live AMA on Thursday, July 21st, at 3 PM UTC on Discord.

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