Coorest Races RPM Towards a NetZero Future

Join us for Race around the Coorest Corner with Michael Corkery, Founder of Ready Player Motorsports!

When: Tuesday, April 19, 7 pm CET
Prizes: 1NFT RPM Racecar — 1NFTree plot

The race cars are revving their engines behind the starting line.
The crowd’s excitement grows with each passing second…
Ready, set, go!

And in a flurry of roaring engines and smoking tires, the cars launch themselves onto the RPM racetrack.

We proudly announce our partnership with RPM or Ready Player Motorsports — a Metaverse play-to-earn racing game. Its players can earn RPM tokens by playing the game or by owning parts of it. Players can compete in a variety of races and track locations. The style of the game is a first-person arcade-style driving game.

The unique aspect of RPM Racing is the ability to mint your car and use it in the Metaverse.

The first mint started on the 15th of April and includes 3 thousand randomly generated cars. Each car has a unique colour, as well as individual performance characteristics. The NFT cars store their upgrades on the blockchain. This means that when a car changes ownership, it still has its in-game upgrades. Apart from the NFT cars, players can also own NFT fuel stations and racetrack plots.

The RPM team made the decision to make Ready Player Motorsports carbon neutral. Thus, the CO2 emissions generated by the Metaverse will need carbon compensation.

And this is where Coorest comes in.

Coorest will provide the RPM team with a way to compensate for their CO2 emissions. This will allow them to achieve carbon neutrality. Having zero carbon emissions is a rarity in motorsports, even in virtual ones.

On top of that, the two companies have struck up an interesting partnership. Both companies will include each other’s NFTs on their platforms. The RPM team will feature Coorest NFTrees on their racetracks. NFTree holders will enjoy reduced gas fees and the ability to buy an electric engine for their car. Coorest will also have its own car in the game, as well as a dedicated part of a racetrack called the Coorest corner.

And this is only the beginning, many more surprises lie in store for the future. For now, we are glad to announce our partnership with this amazing project and the team behind it.

Written by

Ilia Bozhinov

Ilia Bozhinov

A digital marketer with a knack for writing and a newly found interest in crypto and sustainability.

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The Coorest batch 2 NFTrees are available on the Venly market


  • The NFTree is backed by 10 real trees on a plot of 40m2 mixed forest
  • 1 NFTree Absorbs 250 kilos of CO2 per year
  • Planted and managed by Coorest
  • Location of planting: North Europe in Q3 2022
  • Claim, trade, and converted $CCO2 tokens: Proof of Carbon Compensation Certificate (PoCC)