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Making the world greener. One tree at a time.

Coorest is a complete ecosystem of secure and reliable solutions, which bridge the gap between the real and virtual world.


Diversity at its best

Coorest is based in Estonia while Coorest’s team members are from all over the world, making the company a nexus of different cultures and nationalities.

Team Members
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Land for trees


In support of sustainability

Coorest aims to achieve this by creating innovative solutions that merge the real-world with blockchain technology.
Here are several notable examples:


What we did so far

Since we founded Coorest, we've built a global team, partnered with major companies, and bought lands in several places for our NFTree projects.

Founded in 2021

Coorest was founded to bridge the gap between the real and the digital world.

Private Sale for $500K

The private sale was a complete success, it managed to generate more than 500,000 USDC

Aquired farmland

We aquired land in Zaragoza, Spain and Mohawk, New York. We are constantly looking to expand our reforestation effort.


Transparency is our value

Transparency, innovation, and creativity in combination with a firm belief in blockchain technology are our highest values and biggest sources of motivation.